Obama Searches for His ISIS Strategy … on the 18th Hole

ISIS Strategy –

ISIS Strategy

Obama’s NO Strategy Killing Americans

At the G7 Summit in Germany on June 9, President Obama stated he does not yet have a “complete strategy” to defeat ISIS. President Obama then blamed the Pentagon and stated that military leaders haven’t given him a strategy. U.S. military leaders lambasted Obama for his lie.

In January of 2014, President Obama referred to ISIS as “jayvee,” meaning, “junior varsity”. President Obama was elected twice by the American people to protect the nation from the largest and most deadly terrorist organization in modern history, among other things. Elections indeed have consequences. We are dealing with the consequences of electing Obama.

Video: Obama blames Pentagon for Lack of Strategy

ISIS Strategy

On the Ball

ISIS (“Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) has unleashed atrocities across Iraq and has flexed its muscles in an attempt to establish an Islamic state in the region. Some analysts are calling the violence committed by ISIS a genocide. Even as ISIS took back key cities secured by U.S. military forces during the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration press secretary denied that ISIS was gaining ground. He had the audacity to falsely claim the U.S. supported Iraqi forces were successfully countering ISIS military incursions.

In May, terrorists with ideological ties to ISIS attacked an event in Texas. Yet President Obama still does not have a “complete” strategy. Mr. Obama, anytime would be nice.  Sooner rather than later, please!

ISIS StrategyMaybe President Obama will find his ISIS strategy on the golf course. That is where he seems to spend most of his time. In approximately six and a half years as President, Obama has played more than 225 rounds of golf. That’s 1,125 hours; 140 standard eight-hour work days; and 28 standard work weeks hitting a little white ball (Or in Obama’s case, a pink ball). Some estimates put the tax-payer cost of Obama’s golf outings at approximately one billion dollars. Talk about a stimulus package.


I will put this into perspective. During his two terms in office (eight years) President Bush played at total of……are you ready?…..24 rounds of golf. President Obama has played almost ten times as much golf as President Bush. And President Obama still has a year and half of tee-times left in his second term.ISIS Strategy

I used to get angry thinking about the amount of time Obama spends on the golf course. Then, I had an epiphany. The more time President Obama spends on the golf course, the less time he has to damage the nation and violate the liberties and rights of Americans. The more golf he plays, the less his reprobate mind can scheme and implement his unconstitutional wealth redistribution. So, play away President Obama, maybe you’ll find your ISIS strategy on the 18th hole.

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