Liberalism Kills, and Kills, and Kills Some More

Liberalism  Kills –

The culture of liberalism is a death cult. It’s a death cult without accountability and actually blames others for its deadly policies.

Liberalism Kills1- Guns: It’s truly amazing how duplicitous and hypocritical liberal thinking is regarding guns. Obama and celebrity liberals rail against guns as the great evil of our society. Ironically, they spew their invective against guns from behind the safety and security of, well, guns. Obama has a team of Secret Service agents who use guns to protect him. Many liberal celebrities reap the benefits of the same gun protection. Why? Because the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance of liberals regarding gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment is shocking.

All of the gun policies proposed by liberals appear to revolve around restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens by limiting their access to guns. Liberals never propose policies or laws which limit criminals’ access to guns.

Criminals, by definition, Disobey Laws

Liberalism KillsCriminals don’t obey the law in the first place. So, enacting new or more restrictive laws has zero effect on criminals. These liberal laws don’t prevent criminals from getting and using guns. In fact, liberal New York Mayor Bill de Blassio (D) actually eliminated one of the most effective measures ensuring that criminals don’t have and use guns. He ended “Stop and Frisk.” In doing so, he has all but insured that criminals with guns will rule the streets and put the most vulnerable at risk of violence. Liberals would prefer to limit or even completely eliminate the right you and I have to protect ourselves with a firearm, while enabling criminals to roam the streets with as many guns as they want. Liberalism kills!

2- Gun Free Zones:  No more nonsensical policy has ever been dreamed up by the mind of man than “Gun Free “Zones.” Almost all of the mass shootings have occurred in “Gun Free Zones.” Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood (unarmed military post), Northern Illinois University, Amish School, Westside Middle School, Thurston High School, Wedgwood Baptist Church, and now the Charleston Church shooting, just to name a few, were all “Gun Free Zones.”

If you don’t recognize the reason why “Gun Free Zones” don’t work, you don’t have a brain. “Gun Free Zones” offer easy targets where criminals can inflict the most death and carnage. Criminals target people and locations where there will be no risk of people shooting back. My dear Liberal friends, do you understand this? So, what better place to commit a mass shooting than a “Gun Free Zone” where no one will shoot back? We have, de-facto, turned our schools, churches, and many public places into sitting ducks for mass shootings….all courtesy of liberal policy. “Gun Free Zones” are the quintessential example of how liberal good intentions lead to horrible and deadly unintended consequences. This is a perfect example of liberal lazy thinking. Liberalism Kills!

Liberalism Kills3- Abortion: On Thursday, June 18, while mourning the shooting deaths in South Carolina, Obama could not restrain himself, again, from lecturing us through the lens of his corrupt world-view. Obama commented about how “innocent people were killed.

Obama frequently comments about how “black lives matter.” Yes, Mr. Obama, all lives matter. Even the lives of unborn babies in the womb matter. Killing babies in the womb and killing adults in a church are different only in degree but not in kind. Only a corrupt liberal mind, like Obama’s, could lament innocent people being killed and speak to the nation about how black lives matter while supporting abortion.

Liberalism KillsObama is the most pro-abortion politician of our lifetime. He is not simply “pro-choice,” he is pro-abortion. His voting record as a state Senator in Illinois and as a Senator in the U.S. Congress was the most pro-abortion of any politician. Obama is NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) dream.

When promoting abortion in 2008, Obama referred to his daughters and stated:

Liberalism Kills

In other words, pro-abortion liberals like Obama advocate the killing of the most innocent and helpless for their own personal convenience.  This belief cannot be described as anything but evil.

A culture which does not value, respect, and protect life at its inception when it is the most vulnerable, precious, speechless, and in need of protection does not value life, period. The morally rotten liberal culture to which Obama belongs has proven that it doesn’t value life at its beginning, end, or at any point in between. These people should not be lecturing others on the value of life. That Obama lectures a nation about the killing of the innocent while simultaneously promoting the killing of the most innocent for the sake of convenience (abortion) is more than duplicitous. It is the height of hypocrisy and it is the distorted thinking of a thoroughly corrupt and reprobate mind.

Liberalism kills!

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