“Hillary’s Law” – Mandatory Body Cameras On Politicians

obama body camera

Recently there have been demands, mostly from the political left, that all police officers should wear body cameras. The Obama administration will provide $20 million in grants to local police departments to help buy body cameras for officers.

Many police unions and civil libertarians oppose the mandatory use of body cameras by police officers. But there may be wisdom in this policy. In contemporary society where everyone has a camera and social media is commonplace people’s actions are constantly before our eyes. Civil libertarians fear that “Big Brother” is creeping into our lives and watching everything we do. But the Pandora’s Box of ubiquitous video monitoring has already been opened—-there is no going back to the “dark ages.” Requiring body cameras on police officers may actually prevent crime since criminals will know that their actions are being recorded for some future jury to see.

Since we are talking monitoring police officers and holding them accountable for their actions, shouldn’t we do the same thing with those who make our laws and oversee our police officers? I’m talking about our political leaders who have even more power at their disposal and have the potential to inflict significant and irreparable damage on our Republic when they are dishonest, corrupt, and profligate. Yes, even more than police officers, our political leaders have the potential to harm the American people when they are not properly supervised, held accountable, and when their actions are concealed from our view.

Imagine Body Cameras …

body cameraSo, put body cameras on all politicians!

Imagine if President Obama had worn a body camera during his 155 meetings with top IRS officials at the White House–more meetings than with any other federal agency? Maybe a body camera would have prevented Obama from conspiring to use the non-partisan IRS to attack his political opponents and silence their constitutionally protected free speech.

Imagine if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had worn a body camera during the hours and days after the Benghazi terrorist attack which killed the American Ambassador and three other Americans. Maybe a body camera would have prevented Hillary from lying about the cause of the attack. Maybe Hillary would not have conspired with others, including Obama, to cover up the truth about the attack in order to protect Obama’s reelection campaign and Hillary’s future presidential bid.

Imagine if Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, Harry Reid, and other politicians had worn body cameras during the ramming through of “Obamacare” (“The Affordable Care Act”). Maybe wearing a body camera would have prevented them from bribing other politicians. Maybe it would have prevented them from lying to the American people about keeping their doctors.

Imagine if John Kerry had worn a body camera during his closed-door scheming with the anti-American and anti-Israeli terrorist Mullahs of Iran.

Can you imagine if Lois Lerner had worn a body camera? Can you imagine if Susan Rice had worn a body camera? Can you imagine if Valerie Jarrett was required to constantly wear a body camera? Oh, the things we would know about how our government is actually run.

camerasIf these politicians had worn body cameras maybe they would not have committed their crimes, scandals, and cover-ups. That’s not likely given their limitless contempt for the American people. It is also not likely given their lack of respect for the rule of law and the limits of our Constitution. But, at least the American people would be able to see their lies, cover-ups, criminality, conspiracies, and scandals in “high-definition.”

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