Hillary Gets Out the “Idiot Vote” Saul Alinsky Style

Hillary Gets Out the “Idiot Vote” Saul Alinsky Style

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” ― John F. Kennedy

The more ignorant and uniformed people who vote, the more the political hegemony of the Democratic Party grows. This is hard to dispute. What is also hard to dispute is Hillary Clinton’s attempt last week at improving her own chances at the White House by attempting to tear down state voter ID laws and automatically registering everyone to vote.


Relying on the Idiot

The Democratic Party has long dreamed of a day where every American voted … and the more ignorant and uniformed, the better for the them. The Democratic Party, with its surrogate organizations such as ACORN and the New Black Panthers, has long been known for its Saul Alinsky tactics of registering dead people, paying bus-loads of people to show up and vote at the polls, and posting thugs dressed in military uniforms at polling stations to intimidate conservative voters.

It should give all Americans pause that the Democratic Party wants the most ignorant and uniformed of Americans to vote. Why? Because they vote democrat. So, why not stretch the voting laws to allow everyone to vote without registration or ID? And while they’re at it, why not have the polls open for the entire month of November to accommodate those who forget on which day to vote? Why not let people vote at home via the internet so as to not interrupt their viewing of “Keeping up with the Kardashians?”

It doesn’t bode well for the long-term civic health and vitality of our Republic when the most ignorant among us determine the course of elections. Barack Obama said:  “If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country.” And he is correct. It would grant the Democratic party political hegemony in perpetuity.


Idiot Voters

At this point, given Hillary’s history of destroying those who get in her way, it defies reason that she has suddenly become so noble that she would prioritize the rights and welfare of others over her own naked political ambition. Hillary is, after all, a disciple of the “Alinsky Method” with its principal goal of getting and maintaining power for power’s sake and using whatever rhetoric, means, and tactics necessary to obtain it. Yet, Hillary and Obama have no shame in their calls to liberalize voting laws in what amounts to unwittingly admitting that ignorant voters overwhelmingly swing Democrat. And for this very reason, Hillary want them to get out and vote.

So why do uniformed and ignorant Americans vote for Democrats? It is the adult equivalent of the teen-age candidate running for High School President who promises to put a vending machine in the lunch-room. The candidate who promises the most “freebies” wins. Astute, educated, and politically savvy voters are not manipulated by such things and often vote for what is best for the nation. Uniformed and ignorant voters are purchased by such things and often vote on how much they can get from the government. Anyone remember Peggy Joseph? –> OBAMA’S GONNA PAY FOR MY GAS

What America needs most are educated and informed voters whose civic IQ about the proper role of government in a Republic informs their election choices. But such informed constituencies do not fit Hillary’s needs and are therefore not valued.

Infinitely more respect is due the ignorant voter who abstains from voting than is due the ignorant voter who votes simply because it’s his right. The voter who abstains from voting due to ignorance does the nation a favor by avoiding voting for bad policy or a bad candidate. There is no shame in admitting to oneself that you are not qualified to make such important decisions which affect the outcomes of elections. The responsible thing in such circumstances is to abstain from voting.

We are all familiar with the various left-wing “get out the vote” campaigns which attempt to register as many voters as possible. MTV’s “Rock the Vote” comes to mind. These get out the vote campaigns are often touted as non-partisan, but a closer look reveals that they are overwhelmingly organized and promoted by Democratic partisans. And who are they registering to vote? Members of the most ignorant and naïve demographic in society — youth. Youth is synonymous with ignorance and no demographic more overwhelmingly voted for Obama in the past two Presidential elections than the 18-25 year old demographic.


Even this guy knew democrats

We are rapidly approaching that brave new political landscape envisioned by Obama, a landscape where the political candidate who promises a limited government that respects property and individual rights will never again be elected, and the political candidate who promises endless entitlements and government largesse will never lose. That day will mark the end of the Republic.

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