Guns – Should we Openly Carry just Because we Can?

Guns –


Kirk Douglas – John Wayne

I sometimes long for the days of the old West. I like to watch the old westerns with my dad. His motto, whenever I was (am) whiny, is, “You gotta be tough to live in John Wayne country”. My dad is a John Wayne cowboy through and through.

In the old western movies, EVERYBODY is carrying a sidearm, except the little whiny dude wearing glasses that’s always complaining to the sheriff about something. Some carry rifles. Nobody has a cow. Well, the cows have cows, but that’s sorta the point of cows.

Today, we see a gun and we FREAK OUT! Sometimes, for good reason but mostly, the freaking out is done by some liberal, gun hating idiot who is whining about the latest mass shooting. Unfortunately, the idiot is whining about MY right to own and carry a gun. Narry a mention of the CRIMINAL who, most likely, was a convicted felon.

Why do the idiots want to take my guns? Do they really think they’ll be safer when the convicted felon is the only one with a gun. The felon, who, by law, cannot possess a firearm? What kind of twisted logic leads anyone to believe that taking guns away from responsible owners makes us safe from criminals?

However … then there’s this guy!



Looky, I have a gun!

Recently, a man strolled through the airport in Atlanta carrying a loaded rifle. I blotched out the faces because I’m not going to promote this idiot any more than he has to be. In this link, the author makes some good points about people carrying guns, in public, for no other reason than they can.

Responsible gun owners don’t do what this idiot did. I don’t need to carry a gun around for the public to see. And the way he’s carrying it is provocative. He wants people to notice and react.


AND … he did get reactions. This is the (cringe worthy) video he shot. I downloaded this from YouTube because, again, to post a link to his video would give this idiot more attention.

While I agree with the author on a few things; (“We’ve moved from the right to bear arms to the right to flaunt arms.” and “The open display of weaponry freaks out average citizens, especially the ones with children.”). One thing I vehemently disagree with is her calling this man’s gun an “assault weapon”. Allow me to educate you, little miss libby. Anything from a dull spoon to a shiny butter knife can be an assault weapon. Because a gun has a certain look does not make it an assault anything.

Somebody using said gun to assault others makes it … well, it’s still just a gun. The person using the gun is the assault weapon. The gun is simply a tool. In 2011, more people were murdered with hammers and clubs than guns. Using liberal logic, all construction workers are criminals and should have their hammers confiscated. It’s just not safe to have hammers lying around. Well, unless you get a “peen” lock and remove the handle before storing it in the safe.

GunsI believe Samual L. Jackson says it best, although without a few MF bombs, I’m not sure he actually said this … but I digress.

We live in a society that devalues life. Abortion, elderly euthanasia, celebrating suicide, etc. Children, and adults, need to be educated on the value of life. We have one chance at this. When a life is taken, it’s gone.

So, you liberals out there wringing your hands, worrying about my guns, just stop now. I will never give up my guns to any gov’t agency for no other reason than you’re afraid of it. This old adage applies to me: “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”. Yes, I will become an outlaw and keep my guns. You can give yours up.

GunsI’ll make you a few promises, as a concealed carry permit holder. If you ever see my gun, it will be drawn for the protection of the innocent, including you, your friends and family, my family and friends, or myself. Otherwise, you’ll never have a clue I’m packing.

I’ll also promise that if guns are ever banned, and I hear you screaming for help because you’re being assaulted, and your life is in danger, I will break the law, pull my gun, and protect you. I’m willing to go to jail to protect the innocent. Even the idiots that want to ban me from doing so.

Fair enough?

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