“Why I Like” Series #1 – Donald Trump

Donald Trump

donald trump make america greatWhy I like Donald Trump is really me saying “what annoys me the least about ‘The Donald’.” Trump is hard to like. He’s just about everything I despise as a person. And yet, I’m drawn to him as a presidential candidate. The reason is simple: Simplicity.


election-of-1980As of this writing, I’m 55 years old. I have always been fascinated by politics so it doesn’t surprise me that I remember the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. I remember when George Wallace was shot. I remember when Richard Nixon won the White House, and his shameful resignation. I remember the pathetic Jimmy Carter winning over an inept Gerald Ford, and then watching Ronald Reagan pulverize the hapless “Misery Index” Carter in the 1980 landslide, my first vote as a 20 year old.

Mass Big 3In my lifetime, I have seen the advent of cable TV turn the media into MASS MEDIA, and then the internet create SOCIAL MEDIA. We went from three TV networks to 24 hour news channels. I’ve seen dead horses beat to death, then beaten harder, and them beat some more.

mass-mediaI’ve seen the battles between the branches of gov’t. A great rivalry was born with Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neal. But it was a friendly rivalry, one that was vicious and cruel during the day, with drinks and social hour when the day was done.

My disgust with politics accelerated with Bill Clinton. The man is not just a two-faced liar, he has several faces he lies from. His wife, it seems, taught him all the lying tricks. It all came to head for me with “it depends on what the definition of “is” is.” And so it goes.

mass-mediaWith the advent of mass and social media came the “no answer” answer. No matter the question to whom, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, it doesn’t matter. Every word is measured, weighed, run through the polling sampling, and regurgitated back as nonsense and hard-to-follow logic.

I’ve seen race relations show a strong upsurge only to see the divide grow again by stupid rhetoric that should never see the light of day. I’m white and I didn’t vote for Obama, therefore, I AM A RACIST! How is that even an argument any reasonable person could make, let alone get airtime in the media?

Republicans, in my opinion, are held to a higher standard of morality and outrage, which I take as a high compliment. How can anyone be held to a standard if one has no standards?

The Donald is Thoughless

Trump-KissingSo, this brings me to why I like Donald Trump. He’s “thoughtless”.

What? Did I just call him “thoughtless”?

Yes … but not in the way you think I mean it.

When I say The Donald is thoughtless, I mean it in a positive way. Trump has standards, principles, and ideals he believes in deeply. Some I agree with. Some I don’t. What I love about him is I KNOW WHERE HE STANDS on most issues.

Why? Because he doesn’t have to think about his answers to whomever asks him a question. He doesn’t have to pay attention to the words that come out of his pie hole because he believes and means every blowhard word that escapes his mouth. He doesn’t have to think … he’s THOUGHTLESS.

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersHis brazen rhetoric is exactly what pops into his mind and I find it refreshing. I love it more that he has the liberals’ panties twisted so hard, they’re all singing soprano in the Sunday choir. The drowning cries of “HATE SPEECH” are hilarious.

trump-hairSo, there you have it. Will The Donald win the Republican nomination? I doubt it. There’s a certain amount of bravado that keeps him in the public eye, and I think a lot of his supporters are like me; they like the honesty but will never admit it in public. And what is that thing on his head?

I will make this prediction. If he somehow does win the nomination, he will either fall flat on his face, or win in a landslide. With him, the election won’t be close.

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