Democrats Create a Water Shortage in California; Call it a Drought

Drought or Water Shortage

On June 1, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown (D) announced mandatory water restrictions for all California residents. Brown, his liberal political cohorts, and the media are calling California’s water crisis a “drought.” However, a drought caused by nature. What is it called when liberal politicians owned by radical environmental groups don’t build sufficient water infrastructure to keep up with population growth?  Answer: A “water shortage.”

Jerry Brown

In a January press conference Brown joked: “Governors can’t make it rain”. On July 23, 2007, Brown said “right now, the water system is extremely vulnerable. For one thing, we haven’t built anything, like I said, in 30 years.”

Good observation, Sherlock. Sarcasm aside, politicians can and should do the job they were elected to do and build necessary water infrastructure. They should be held accountable if they don’t.

No water has been added to the State Water Project since 1959. That means, despite skyrocketing population growth, there has been no increase in water storage for California residents since 1959. Liberals argue that dams have been built since 1959. But they refuse to admit that none of those dams were built to produce water for California residents.

DroughtThe population of California in 1959 was 15.5 million. The population of California in 2014 was 38.8 million. When no new water infrastructure is built and the population doubles, that is called a water shortage, not a drought. Water shortages are preventable.  And politicians are elected to prevent them.

Democrats in California and Washington have actually attempted to reduce California’s water storage facilities. They have attempted to demolish damns which provide critical water to residents and farmland.

It gets worse.

DroughtSince 2008, Democrats have pumped 1.4 trillion gallons of fresh water into the  Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to protect a four-inch fish called the Delta Smelt. Read that again and let it sink in.

Only a liberal would call the water crisis in California a drought. It is a shortage created by Democrats who refuse to fulfill their responsibilities to provide critical water resources to the residents of California. Instead, they pander to radical environmental groups, and promote cap-and-trade legislation, which limits critical water resources for California residents.

A drought is unavoidable. A water crisis is avoidable. If you were Jerry Brown, which term would you use to avoid responsibility for the disastrous results of Democratic party policies?

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