Words are a Tricky Thing


On the surface, which, unfortunately, is as deep as low information dimwits dare to swim, this sounds extremely racist. Which is why I’m so surprised to see some of my more intelligent friends, but not so much with high ranking political figures, making this into something it’s not. Continue Reading →

“Why I Like” Series #1 – Donald Trump

In my lifetime, I have seen the advent of cable TV turn the media into MASS MEDIA, and then the internet create SOCIAL MEDIA. We went from three TV networks to 24 hour news channels. I’ve seen dead horses beat to death, then beaten harder, and then beat some more.

I’ve seen the battles between the branches of gov’t. A great rivalry was born with Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neal. But it was a friendly rivalry, one that was vicious and cruel during the day, with drinks and social hour when the day was done. Continue Reading →

I don’t care who you lie down with. Don’t tell me how to talk.


Just don’t tell me how to talk. I’ve been called a bigot, racist, homophobe, hater, and a lot of other things I can’t remember at the moment. Why? Because I don’t concern myself with what others think I need to call them because of their choices, genetic inconsistencies, lifestyle choices, or the way they live. I call someone with a penis a man. If a person has a vagina, I call them women. If one chooses to have body mutilating surgery, I call them an idiot. If a person is gay, I don’t really care. If a person is strait, I don’t really care. I figure the sexuality of any given person is personal and should be kept silent. I Continue Reading →

The Corrupting Language of “Leftism”


The Corrupting Language of “Leftism” Our political discourse in America has become so thoroughly corrupted that even the terms used by conservatives to describe that very same corrupted discourse have been defined by the euphemistic lexicon of the left.  This phenomenon is a leftist “Newspeak” which even conservatives unwitting use and has corrupted the entire cultural discourse. Case in point:  The very use of the term “politically correct” is essentially a euphemism used to describe leftist speech codes and thought policing.   A more accurate description of these types of speech codes and thought policing would be “leftism” instead of “PC.” It’s the left’s control of all ideas and philosophies as filtered through their “Newspeak” of “leftism.”  “Political Correctness” is simply the delivery Continue Reading →